Hello everyone, Welcome to Aid4Teens.org. I am glad you have came accross our site. We are always looking for new counselors since school is out, I know their are alot of possible counselors out their, with time on their hands. Leading Edge Corporate Networks is now hosting our website. Thanks to the wonderful staff at LECN.com, they have helped us over come a lot of problems. If you need any help click the get help link below.

It’s been a year since Aid4Teens.org has been truly active, but we’re back, and better than ever.

My apology goes out to all of those who visited in the past year and did not recieve help because our site became inactive. I hope that you have made the right decision in whatever the matter was whether it was through your own cognition or not.

With the site now active again, feel free to submit your questions. I’m looking forward to helping Hank bring this site back up to the standard it once held, and hopefully beyond.

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My Question: I need help, my mother, is really sick, and she ir always pushing me about my grades because I have always been a great student but lately I’ve been having bad grades and It’s because school is getting harder; my father is a good person but since I turned 13 he’s been acting really weird around me, he os always yelling at me and saying that he doesn’t know why I was born and that kind of stuff; my grandmother has alzheimer and that really makes me get depresed because I really love her and last, my uncle has Aids and I don’t know what to do about all of my problems, can you give me an advice?

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My Question: everything has fallen to pieces within the past few months. i used to have a beautiful relationship with the person who i now call my ex, after all that has been said and done we had decided to be “friends”. he initialized that first step, deep inside i was estatic but from there nothing happened. its been a month only, but we barely talk online, not to mention on the phone, and face to face we act like strangers. you see, the reason why i still care so much, is that i still have strong feelings, and i’m desperately doing anything possible to get rid off them. i had cheated on him, without meaning to hurt him. i wasn’t aware of what i had done, but i had just thrown away everything i had lived for and that made up my life, which completed me. it was so incredibly hard for the both of us, and as much as he hated it, he couldn’t bring himself to let go well for the time being at least, and gave me a second chance. then things started getting bad for me, other reasons.

I depended on him, thought he was for real, all the lies “he’d never let go”, i believed them so much, and survived a small part of the situation i was left to deal with. in a way it was revenge, or just simply a matter of teaching me a lesson, he dumped me after i lost my virginity to him. some how i feel used, but i know i deserved it. well that is how we broke up. despite all this i still love him. before all the confusion, it was perfect, i don’t know if i can ever let go. i’ ve been doing everything in my power to get over him. and i’m so scared of hurting somone else… right now i’m trying to see others. but i know i’m just hurting them, i don’t know how to tell them that i’m not interested anymore, and i was just trying to get over him.

I’m still hurting so much, i miss him, but i know i need to move on. could you please give me advice on what to do? i want to be great friends with him, but its so difficult. he’s made it clear to me he’s over me, and whenever i do try to talk he tells me that he doesn’t care about me anymore in that way. its insulting, that is why i conceal how much i still want to be with him, but i know i never will. i’m stuck, i need help!!